What is Your Favourite Roulette Game?

roulette-wheel-1aUnless you are a regular Roulette player, you may not know that there is actually a few different versions of Roulette, and depending on where you are in the world you will likely see a different game in the casinos. The original Roulette game started in France, and the French Roulette game is still played in some casinos around the world, and you will certainly find it in casinos in Monte Carlo.

There are not many casinos around the world that will have all of these Roulette varieties on their casino floors. So it is very difficult to try out the different versions. But there is one way you can do this and that is by playing at a good online casino. The good quality online casino site will always have all of the Roulette game varieties, so you can sample them all from your computer.

You also have the European and American Roulette games, which are the two varieties that are found more regularly in the casinos around the world. These games are generally faster than the original Roulette game, and the tables are a bit smaller too.

For the French game, the dealer uses a stick to place and retrieve the plaques (not chips). The ‘plaques’ that are used instead of chips are also larger than a regular casino chip, so they are easy to manage with a stick. The French Roulette table is much larger, which is the reason the dealer needs to use a stick for the plaques, as they simply cannot reach all areas of the table without it.

The main difference between the American and European games is down to the configuration of the numbers in the wheel. The European wheel only has one zero, and the American wheel has a zero and a double zero. The configuration of the other numbers is also different on the wheels, and in European Roulette they use additional bets. These additional bets are called by a few different names, such as “call bets”, “neighbour bets” and “section bets”. You could always try playing on a online casino like Luxury Casino Roulette.

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